Angela Gheorghiu

Painted in November 2009

Acrylic on canvas - 24 inch x 24 inch


Autographed by her in November 2009

Scroll down to see a video of her signing it

Video of her signing it

I met the world famous Opera soprano Angela Gheorghiu before her concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London on 10th November 2009.

I used to visit the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to see Opera before I was an artist and became a big fan of Angela Gheorghiu, she is one of the greatest Opera sopranos ever.

I have met her once already a few years ago, before I did painting, so when I heard she was coming back to England this year I was thrilled at the chance to do a painting of her and ask her to autograph it.

I drove 100 miles up to London and arrived at the theatre at 4pm.

The lady in stage door reception said Angela would arrive about 6pm.

So I went away and had something to eat and drink.

I decided to return at 5pm to be sure of meeting Angela but another man at the stage door said she was already inside rehearsing and she didn't have time to come out.

I thought "Oh no I have missed her!" and would have to wait a further 6 hours

until after the show!

But I decided to wait then by the stage door anyway and to my delight I found the security man at the stage door was either mistaken or deceiving me, as Angela arrived at 6pm as I was originally told!

She looked stunningly beautiful and was so friendly to me.

Angela was delighted to sign the painting and kindly posed for a photo with me, she even suggested having 2 photos taken to be sure!

She was a very kind and warm-hearted lady and I am so thrilled to have met her again and show her my art.

Me and Angela Gheorghiu