Dustin Hoffman

Painted in December 2007

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch


Autographed by him in June 2008

Scroll down to see a video of him signing it

Video of him signing it

In June 2008, I travelled 100 miles up to London to the premiere of the animated film 'Kung Fu Panda' for which Dustin Hoffman did the voice acting.

I arrived at 12.30pm and waited with the crowd for 6 hours for the moment when Dustin arrived.

I held my painting over the barrier and held a gold pen in the other hand for the signing.

I had my video camera hung around my chest hoping to capture the moment.

When Dustin Hoffman arrived he was wonderful, he spent over half an hour signing hundreds of autographs for many fans, chatting and joking with many people.

As he got close to me the fans around me began squashing up closer hoping to get an autograph.

My camera got pushed out of my hands a few times but thankfully I managed to capture the moment.

When Dustin saw my painting he said "Did you paint that?" I replied "Yes"

He said "Wow! Oh My God! You have great talent!"

He kindly wrote on my painting:

"To Paul, a REAL artist, Dustin Hoffman 2008"

I was very touched that such a famous and talented actor as Dustin would

write such a kind message on my painting.

Dustin sees the painting in the crowd