A Harp Dining Table

I recently started creating bespoke and unusual furniture.

My current project is to rescue a beautiful harp

from a broken piano, paint it white and gold

and make it the centre piece of a dining table,

under a large toughened glass top.

This is a work in progress but below are some photos

of the incredible task of freeing it

from the very old and solid construction of the piano!

It all began with this...

Freeing up the harp from its case...

Finally free!...

Cleaning each and every string on a sunny day...

Gathering materials for the legs and support structure...

....the work on the harp continues.

Star Wars - Yoda Cabinet


A book or DVD cabinet in the shape of the

wise old Yoda from Star Wars

Entirely hand made and painted by myself.
Yoda is painted with glow in the dark paint,
so when the lights are out he still appears!
Also, green LED lights were inlaid to shine on the wall behind him.

Batman Book Shelf


An open cabinet or shelf to store books, DVD's, ornaments

in the design of the Batman symbol.

The back is inlaid with LED lights to shine on the wall behind,

they also change 7 different colours with a remote control.

The cabinet space is also inlaid with LED lights to shine

on your ornaments.