George Clooney

Painted in April 2008

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch


Autographed by him in April 2008

Scroll down to see a video of him signing it

Video of him signing it

I read that George Clooney will be attending the premiere of his new film 'Leatherheads' in London, April 2008, so I travelled up to London in the early morning and waited outside the cinema for 6 hours until George was due to arrive.
There were many hundreds of people there hoping to meet him and I held my painting over the barrier to keep it protected.

With a video camera hung around my chest, hoping to capture the moment, I waited for George to arrive.

When he arrived he was fantastic, he took the time and effort to sign for many hundreds of fans, working his way along the whole crowd for a couple of hours. When he saw my painting he said "Wow! do you want me to sign it?"
I was surprised he spoke to me and I quickly replied "YES! Please!".

He genuinely appreciates his fans and, like Johnny Depp and Elijah Wood, he is a great man and appreciates his fans.

Below is a photo of George Clooney's reaction when he saw my portrait.