Painted in December 2006

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch


Autographed by

Kate Winslet

Leonardo Di Caprio

Billy Zane

Scroll down to see a video of them signing it

Video of Kate Winslet signing it

I met Kate Winslet at the premiere of her film "Revolutionary Road" in January 2009.

I left home at 6am to drive to London for the premiere.

I arrived at 10am and waited all day in the freezing cold with all the fans.

Kate arrived at 6pm.

I painted the picture in 2006 and already had Leonardo and Billy Zane's autograph on it and I have waited 2 years for Kate to do a premiere so I could ask

her to sign it.

When Kate saw the painting she said "That's really amazing!"

and "That must have taken you ages!", she kindly signed it.

Kate was wonderful, very friendly and easy to talk to and she signed for hundreds of fans.

And then I had another special moment when I met Leonardo Di Caprio again, he was at the same premiere. I told him he had already signed it at the 'Blood Diamond' premiere 2 years ago, he said "Its beautiful", I gave him my business card so maybe one day he may commission me for a painting!. He also signed for

hundreds of fans. It was a fantastic evening and worth waiting 10 hours for!

Special thanks to photographer Richard Goldschmidt for this photo

Video of Leonardo Di Caprio signing it

Leonardo Di Caprio attended the premiere of his film 'Blood Diamond' in London, January 2007.

This was my first experience of getting a painting signed at a film premiere.

I had waited 6 hours for him to arrive, there were hundreds of people pushing me and it was difficult to film, with my painting in one hand and a pen in the other it was tricky to get the camera to film it properly, a skill I later perfected at other premieres! As he signed the painting he said... "Nice!.....Nice!"

Video of Billy Zane signing it

Billy Zane signed the painting after a performance in a play in London.

While getting the painting signed by Leonardo Di Caprio at his premiere, a man told me Billy Zane was also appearing in a play around the corner! 

So I walked to the theatre and waited at the stage door for him. 

When he came out he saw the painting and said... "Did you paint that!"

I said "Yes",  he said "Oh that's beautiful"  and stood to gaze at the painting for a few moments before signing it. 

He was a very kind and warm-hearted person.