I have done 2 paintings of Lord of the Rings

"The Fellowship" and "Frodo"

and met 4 of the actors who have signed the paintings.

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Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship

My first ever painting

Painted in August 2006

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch

Not For Sale

Autographed by

Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen,

Viggo Mortensen, Dominic Monaghan

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Video of Elijah Wood signing both the paintings

In February 2007 I heard from a good friend that Elijah Wood was filming his new film in north London.

My friend in Belgium, Rebecca, who is a big fan, said if I was going to try and meet him she would come over and go with me. So she and her boyfriend Robin came over to England on the Eurostar train and we agreed to meet up in London and drive to where we thought it was being filmed.

When we arrived at the town we saw a huge old Georgian University surrounded by a field and a fence, and Robin noticed trailers and spotlights outside (his new film is about a University student), so Robin said... 'It must be there!'

The building was set in large grounds with a perimeter fence. Only one entrance gate with a security guard. He was a nice man but said it was a 'closed set' and could not allow us to go in.

We saw a small gap in a fence around a side road and tried our luck at getting through. We managed it, and nervously walked toward the building, trying to stay calm! In the forecourt were lorries and trailers and quite a few of the film crew!

Shaking with nerves, we took a few deep breaths and decided the only thing to do was walk right over to them! So the 3 of us walked as calmly as possible, with me carrying my large art portfolio with my 2 paintings inside ('Frodo' and 'The Fellowship')..over to the forecourt. As we got there the crew looked at us but we kept walking calming and nobody said anything.

We walked right into the centre of the forecourt. We continued to wander around. Then Robin said...'There is Elijah'..and sure enough the man standing chatting just 10 metres away was indeed Elijah Wood!

We walked over and Robin spoke to him and Elijah turned and just start chatting to us like friends!

As Rebecca was asking for a photo and autograph I took my paintings out of the folder. I said I had painted these and would he mind signing them...his eyes lit up and he said... 'Wow they are beautiful paintings!' And then he signed both of them!... I asked for a photo and he said "yes of course!"

Then a man came over and said... "Elijah the set is ready"...and we thanked him, he said... "No problem at all" and he left to go and film.

The amazing thing was that we were there in the forecourt at just the minute that Elijah was taking a break outside. A minute before he would have been still inside his trailer and we would have walked passed, a minute later and he would have been back on set. A miraculous experience and Elijah is a truly wonderful man, genuine, warm and kind. A memory to treasure forever.

Video of Ian McKellen signing the painting

I met Sir Ian McKellen, possibly one of the greatest British actors of all time, in January 2008 after his acclaimed performance of "King Lear" on stage in London.

After a 3 hour journey to the west end of London, I waited by the stage door of the theatre for a couple of hours.

When Sir Ian McKellen came out and saw my painting he said "Oh My God!"

and viewed the painting for a few moments before kindly signing it.

I was very flattered that he liked it.

He signed autographs for all the fans who had waited for him and he was very kind and friendly to everyone. 

Sir Ian McKellen signing the painting

Video of Viggo Mortensen signing the painting

I met Viggo Mortensen when he gave a talk at a theatre in London, March 2009.

I arrived at the theatre just an hour before the talk started and as very lucky as after just 10 minutes I turned around and there was Viggo Mortensen walking down the street towards me!

There were a few other fans there who quickly surrounded him and he signed for all of them, he then saw my painting and asked me my name and kindly signed it before he went into the theatre.

Viggo Mortensen signing the painting

Video of Dominic Monaghan signing the painting

In September 2007, I met Dominic Monaghan (who plays 'Merry' in the film) at a film convention in London where he was signing autographs for 6 hours, all day. Although probably exhausted, he very kindly signed the painting, he was a nice friendly man.

Dominic Monaghan signing the painting

Also, Orlando Bloom, who plays 'Legolas' in the film, was appearing in a play in London recently, I drove 100 miles up to the theatre and took my 'Fellowship' painting to ask him to sign. He came out of the stage door and signed programmes of the show for many fans, I showed him my painting and he smiled walked over to me and looked at it for a few moments but then a security guard from the Duke of York Theatre jumped in front of him and said "He is not allowed to sign items about Lord Of The Rings!"...and shoved my painting away.

I told him it took me 30 hours to paint but the security man just said "No!" and took Orlando away.

Lord of the Rings - Frodo

My first ever portrait painting

Painted in August 2006

Not For Sale

Autographed by Elijah Wood in February 2007

Me and Elijah Wood

To see the video of Elijah signing it and read the story of how

I met him, scroll to the top of this page

Painting my first portrait