Pamela Anderson

Painted in December 2009

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch


Autographed by her in December 2009

Scroll down to see a video of her signing it

Video of her signing it

I met Pamela Anderson when she appeared at a theatre in London, December 2009

I drove 100 miles up to Wimbledon in south London where Pamela was appearing at the theatre. I arrived at midday hoping to meet Pamela as she arrived.

When Pamela stepped out of the car, she saw the painting and said

"Wow! that's fantastic!", she kindly signed it and also took my business card.

She also kindly posed for a photo with me but unfortunately the photo

didn't come out as the person who took it chopped our heads off! 

but I managed to get a few moments on video of her signing my painting.

Pamela was a very warm and friendly lady, kindly signing for the other

fans that had gathered there too. She looked fantastic and I felt

there was genuine warmth and kindess in her eyes too.

It was wonderful to meet such a famous actress and to experience how

kind she is to her fans.

Pamela signing the painting