The Police

Painted in January 2007

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch

Not For Sale

Autographed by

Stewart Copeland

Andy Summers

in October 2007

Scroll down to see a video of them signing it

Video of Andy Summers signing it

In October 2007, I read on the internet that Andy Summers was signing his new book in London the next day, so I got up at 4am and drove to London with my painting. I arrived at 8am and was 3rd in the queue. Andy was due to sign at 6pm.

After waiting 10 hours, Andy arrived on time, he looked great. Having been a fan for 30 years and also living in the same town that Andy grew up in, it was a great thrill to him. He kindly signed my painting and seemed a very relaxed and friendly guy.

Video of Stewart Copeland signing it

Whilst queueing to meet Sting at a book signing in October 2007 (read the story of that below!), Stewart Copeland's son Jordan walked past, filming the fans, he is a talented film maker and was making a film of the Police reunion world tour. He spoke to me and I showed him my painting. I said I would dearly love to have Stewart sign it too but I have no way of meeting him.

The Police were playing a concert at Wembley that night and Jordan said he would try to persuade Stewart to sign it, if I could get to Wembley. I was thrilled and so grateful to Jordan for this. I drove to Wembley that afternoon and when Stewart arrived he drove into an underground car park.

He spoke to Jordan and Stewart called out to me "Come on down!" so I walked down into the car park to meet him.

He signed my painting and seemed a wonderful friendly, kind man.

I asked to have my photo taken with him and he said "Yes of course"

but then his assistant said "No, we don't have time for that!" and pulled Stewart away. Stewart seemed somewhat surprised and said to me "Oh I am sorry.." and had to leave. 

I would like to give my deepest thanks to Jordan for his kindness and help throughout the day and wish him great success in his film career. 
I tried to meet Sting after the concert but he did not stop to sign for the fans waiting there. 

Whilst waiting to meet Andy Summers, some nice people from Belgium in the queue told me Sting was signing 2 days later in London at Harrods. So the following night I left home at 11.30pm and arrived at Harrods at 2am the following morning.

I was the first in the queue, by 4am the queue began to grow. Sting was due to sign at 12pm. 

After another 10 hours of waiting outside (in the freezing cold!) the Harrods staff came out to talk to us. 

I showed them my painting and said it took 80 hours to paint and I would dearly love Sting to sign it. They said it was a wonderful painting and they would do their best to persuade Sting's assistant from Waterstones books to let me ask him to sign it. 

The Harrods staff were wonderful and tried 3 or 4 times to ask them but they flatly said no each time. 

I spoke to Sting's personal assistant from Waterstones and showed her my painting. I tried to explain as kindly as possible that I had been waiting for 10 hours and the painting took 80 hours to paint and dearly wanted him to sign it, but she replied: 

"Don't try to make me feel bad! You are not getting it signed!"

She then instructed a security man to take my painting away from me until after the book signing.

I bought Sting's book and met him, I pointed to the painting which had been taken to the back of the room, saying "I painted that picture of you", but he didn't comment and just signed the book and reached for the next one to sign.

After the signing the Harrods staff were wonderful and showed a lot of compassion for my situation and were concerned for how I felt, but they had no authority over Sting's assistant from Waterstones and so could not help further.

Me and Sting before signing his book