Star Trek - Next Generation

Painted in February 2008

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch


Autographed by

Patrick Stewart and Marina Sirtis

Scroll down to see a video of them signing it

Video of Patrick Stewart signing it

I travelled 100 miles to London to meet Patrick Stewart who was appearing at an autograph signing event for fans.

I left home at 5.30am and at 8am there was a huge queue of fans waiting to get his autograph at the event.

He arrived at 12pm and we were told he would only be there for 3 hours.

I had to pay £25 for his autograph and was told that he does not allow photos to be taken of himself.

I was worried because after all the effort I put into painting the portrait I wanted

to have proof that he signed it, so I hung my camera around my chest and

switched it to video mode and left it running, in the hope I could capture some footage without offending him.

He signed the painting and said "Its very nice, congratulations".

I was not allowed to shake his hand and I was asked to leave as soon as he had signed it.

Video of Marina Sirtis signing it

I met Marina Sirtis who plays 'Counselor Troi' in 'Star Trek' at an exhibition in Coventry.

I left home at 4am and drove 160 miles with my father up to Coventry. After waiting for 3 hours we met Marina. She was so kind and friendly and was genuinely impressed with the painting and called to fellow actor Brent Spiner ('Data' from Star Trek) who was sitting nearby to show him the painting too.

Marina was so friendly and took time to chat for a few moments too. 
She very kindly posed for this photo (taken by my father).
We tried to film it too but the video function didn't work at first but luckily we got the tail end of our meeting on video.