Steve Hackett


Painted in April 2011

Acrylic on canvas - 30 inch x 24 inch

Not For Sale

Autographed by him in May 2011

Scroll down to see a video of him signing it

Video of him signing it

I met the former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett at his recording studio in May 2011

I have been a life long fan of Steve since I first heard his music in the early 70's as lead guitarist for Genesis.

Since I began painting in 2006 I have always wanted to paint Steve but wanted to wait until I was competent enough to do a good painting. I also wanted to do more than just a portrait as Steve's music touches me deeply and is more than just 'music'.

However I wasn't sure on how to go about it. I wrote to Steve and he kindly sent me a photo of himself which sparked off my imagination and I came up with this

concept. The top image of Steve represents his 'higher self' or soul in connection with the heavens, and the celestial being to the left is channelling inspiration from Steve's 'higher self' to his imagination below on Earth.

The 2 characters in the top corners are from the cover of the Genesis album

'A Trick of a Tail', the first Genesis album I bought and where I first heard him play.

After completing the painting I wrote to Steve and was thrilled when Steve kindly invited me to meet him at his recording studio to autograph it.

My friend Brian, also a huge fan of Steve, came with me and we had a very special morning with Steve and his lovely wife Jo.

They made us feel very welcome and myself and Brian were honoured that Steve took time out of a very busy schedule to chat with us and was he very generous too.

A very special day I shall always remember. 

Thank you Steve and Jo!"

Since meeting Steve on that day he has kept in touch and I am thrilled to say we have become good friends. 

Steve came to an exhibition of my art and added an extra inscription to the painting.

Having a meal with Steve and his wife Jo and my friends Brian and Karen